ideas & concept

We understand our foreseen local actions as a linkage of different pillars:

animal assisted therapy

Installed by a professionally educated assistant for animal assisted therapy, we plan on developing guided offers for children and youngsters from the region or vacational offers - dependent on the needs of the clientele. Animals like chicken, sheep, dogs, cats, and bees are going to live together with us on the barn. The educational concept seeks to foster values such as participation, voluntariness, autonomy and democracy. We also plan on promoting integration and self-efficacy in an ongoing learning process, where nature and environmental education go along.

education and exchange

Furthermore and in cooperation with different organisations we intend to create possibilities for young adults to meet, educate and exchange. In particular, group stays and participatory seminars are imaginable. In addition, Hackenow shall be a space for emancipatory politics and discrete cultural events.

ecology and environmental protection

Through application of the principles of permaculture we seek to reach partial food self-sufficiency. We plan on installing a countryside laboratory on renewable energies to become energy independent in the medium term. We try to implement all further ecological measures holistically and organically with our way of life.

craft & self-supply

The goal of a sustainable society ahead, we try to think in natural chains and cycles. Crafting as a artful as well as enduring practice is of invaluable worth. Workshops and studios are going to be installed in annexe buildings. Our own works and manufactures can be offered via cooperatives, the internet or even in a small farm shop.